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Ananta at a Glance

Ananta Jewelry is a leader in the jewelry and GIA certified Diamond retail industry in Thailand. The brand name “Ananta” was chosen because it is Sanskrit for eternity, the enduring symbolism of what makes diamonds perpetual in their appeal.

Ananta, a name synonymous with Thai Jewelry for 30 years, has been growing rapidly as it reinvents itself to stay relevant and attractive to the lifestyles of modern customers.

The "Promise" Logo

Our "Promise" logo is composed of 3 elements, the symbol of eternity, the shape of octahedral rough diamond, and the letter “A” in the center that come together to form the octahedron outline of a diamond.

All these meanings composed our brand slogan “Make a Promise”.

At Ananta, we support all kinds of relationship and love. All these elements come together to deliver our brand message, Ananta with you throughout life.
Ananta offers the largest selection of fine jewelry as well as the finest certified loose diamonds, each rigorously analyzed by the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, the world’s foremost authoritative on diamond certification. Ananta products have unique design concepts that convey a more affordable and approachable jewelry accustom for your everyday life. Our products are of outstanding quality, design and crafted by our professional craftsmen.
We, ANANTA, are recognized both locally and internationally for our fair prices, quality products and exceptional customer service. 
Ananta Jewelry is well established by an array of exceptional quality gems which allows countless possibilities of customization. Complimented with simple, elegant yet modern designs that are suitable for your everyday lifestyle or perfect for special occasions. All of Ananta Jewelry are delicately hand crafted to ensure our exquisite details.

Entirely all diamonds at Ananta are certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America lnc.) which have endured our 9 intensive selection criteria. This ensures that all of our diamonds sold at Ananta are excellent quality gems that deserve its prestigious title, “Ananta Premium Diamonds”.
To ensure confidence and trust, upon purchase all customers are invited to verify the certification laser inscription code on the diamond matches that stated on the GIA diamond certificate by using our specialized inscription checking machines at Ananta Jewelry Boutiques.

Forever starts at ANANTA

Bespoke services are offered and all jewelry pieces are customizable to fit your personal preferences. Each piece is designed to accustom for all of your life's desires. For most of our solitaire diamond ring selections, customers may choose the specifications of the diamond that accompany with the chosen ring setting.

Ananta takes pride in its high quality of customer service with regular training that emphasizes on attention to detail and warm yet professional after-sales service.



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