High Jewelry

The Finest Lifetime Heritage.

The Ultimate Legacy that will certainly become a family Heirloom for Generations to come. Discover the finest formula of perfection that has been delicately conveyed through Ananta High Jewelry.

Captivation of Opulence

This ravishing necklace is exquisitely adorned with an immaculate 10.17 carat of the finest Columbian Emerald, complimented by Round and Princess cut Diamonds throughout this eye-catching piece. Handcrafted from 18K. White Gold by Ananta Fine Jewelry most talented artisans.


Pinnacle of Perfection

The personification of perfection is solidly captured within this precious Pear shaped Emerald drop Necklace. The necklace grandly highlights the centerpiece with dual illusion Pear shaped Diamonds on a contrasting geometric Art Deco form base. The 18K. White Gold piece is strung into form by an elegant tier of Round Shaped Diamonds throughout the decolletage.


Finest Selections

This stunning Ananta Signature Round Shape Diamond Necklace withholds the finest selections of Ananta Premium Diamonds, where each and every Diamond is a GIA certified Diamond. The ultra-classic single line Round Shape decolletage dip is one of Ananta Fine Jewelry proudest signature pieces. Defiantly a piece which will look fabulous and suitable for any of your life’s finest occasions. The piece is grandly complimented by its matching Ananta Signature four prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet.


A Rare Extraordinaire

At Ananta, we source for the Rarest, most Extraordinary pieces from all over the Globe. Our wide variety boasts this exquisite Chrysoberl Cat’s Eye gemstone or the Lehsunia gemstone. This unique Gemstone is highlighted by Round shape Diamonds halo to ensure maximum brilliance throughout the exquisite piece.


Green Envy

Impressive Designs that will grandly emphasize the extraordinary pieces is extremely vital. This proud Colombian Emerald ring is tribute by a dual layered Round shape Diamond Halo that fans out with its radiant rays.


From now to Eternity

The ultimate finger lust. Create your very own Diamond Eternity ring from our selections of the Finest Ananta Premium Diamonds. Exquisitely select your very own specification of Color, Cut, Quality and Fare that suits your personal satisfaction.


Luscious Desires

These luscious pairs of earrings are exquisitely adorned with the finest various Pear shape Diamonds that are set in beautiful clusters to radiate its beholder. The charming Diamond clusters are crafted on individual angles to create maximum sparkle and brilliance to help brighten the beholders fair complexion.


Refined Sophistication

Simplicity is key when it comes to the ultimate eternal elegance. These classic Multi shape Drop earrings consist of the Finest Ananta Premium Diamond Asscher, Round and Pear shape Diamonds that are ravishingly set on 18K. White Gold. The simplicity of this piece boasts classically refined sophistication.




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