Delicate…but Steady

Gentle…but Powerful

Different…but Flawlessly Perfect

Mysterious…but Glamourous

The perfect marriage between exquisite design and ingenious craftsmanship leads to Ananta's latest collection, Infini. The delicate element of lines, inspired by nature, act as the wind uplifting the diamond's beauty to a new level. The sleek shape, as gentle as a flowing stream, balances with the precious purity of diamonds that last beyond time. It reflects the identity of women who are gentle yet limitlessly powerful and emerge the new definition of diamond into boundless beauty, resulting in wearable masterpieces that give a daily glamourous look. Emphasizing the profound meaning of Infini, the origin of all things and eternity.

"Delicate...but steady, Gentle...but powerful
I believe life has two different sides and emotions,
but they are perfectly balanced.
Live Diamondly”

Nittha Jirayungyurn, INFINI Collection Endorser

"The relationship between people and diamonds is Ananta's priority. The definition of INFINI is priceless beauty that reflects the precious moments of our lives. This collection expresses delicate lines that embrace the meaning of life through a solitary diamond that radiates beauty and symbolizes success in life."

Mali Chulakiet,Creative Director of INFINI collection